Twist E-Liquids

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Manufactured and distributed out of Los Angeles, and offered in over 50 countries worldwide, award-winning Twist E-Liquids offers top-of-the-line vapes with flavor profiles ranging from beverages, fruits, and candies, to menthols, salts, and desserts. It is an equal priority to us at Twist that our flavors are the best tasting on the market, our branding is responsible and appealing, and our team offers exceptional support to wholesalers, retailers, and consumers alike. With products always at the forefront of the industry, it’s always a good time to Get Twisted!


Pink Punch Lemonade: Lemons/Red Berries Watermelon Madness: Watermelon Honeydew Melon Chew: Honeydew/Cantaloupe Strawberry Queen: Lemonade/Strawberries Frosted Kooky: Cake/Vanilla Frosting/Sprinkles

Fabric 100% Cotton
Origin Handmade in Aus
Weight 280gm - 340gm
Sizes S,M,L,XL