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Nasty Juice is a 21st century obnoxious e-juice brand, with passion at its heart. Offering an empowered sense of X-rated and a playfully daring spirit. Nasty Juice  is based in Tampin, Malaysia . We exploded onto the vape scene in September 2015 founded by Pak Din and his best partner Mr. Loque. Their venture started at Vapex International Malaysia 2015 with a goal of creating a global business.

The popularity of Nasty Juice continued to grow exponentially in UAE, USA, Birmingham, Poland and Paris. Its iconography was further defined by a noble aluminium bottle with exquisite marketing and top-notch packaging.
The vaping industry is very young and growing rapidly, which is why we at Nasty Juice are always up to date with the current trend and designs, we have produced e-juice that has been widely used amongst beginners to supporter.

Today, Nasty Juice’s products have had an undeniable impact on the vaping industry. We try to implement the culture and a sustainable lifestyle to the masses along with apparel, accessories, and skateboard decks and will continue to grow and achieve to be a well-known brand in Malaysia and internationally.


Cush Man: Mango/Low Mint Bad Blood: Black Currant/Low Mint ASAP Grape: Grape/Low Mint Green Ape: Green Apple/Low Mint

Fabric 100% Cotton
Origin Handmade in Aus
Weight 280gm - 340gm
Sizes S,M,L,XL